7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Insurance Leads for Your Best Producers

Fran Majidi December 12, 2022
buy insurance leads for your best producers
  1. Shoppers are going online to sites like to buy Home, Life and Auto Insurance. If you are not buying insurance leads from sites like this, you are missing out on tremendous opportunities. Thousands of agents are buying insurance leads everyday, and have been for years. Isn’t it time for you to give it a try?.
  2. Your best producers will sell more policies. Your best performers may be selling 2-3 policies a day from their usual networking activities, but if you are buying them leads, you can potentially double or triple their productivity. If you want to grow your book of business, you shouldn’t be content with having good producers; You should want to make them great producers, superior producers, even superstars. Buying Life, Home and Auto Insurance leads can help you do that.
  3. Your best producers know how to pitch, follow-up and write policies. Many agency owners want to buy leads for their new producers or for producers that “need help.“ This is a mistake. The best agency owners buy insurance calls and leads for their proven sales producers. They invest in producers and agents who will work leads as aggressively as possible and close more deals.
  4. Buying leads for your best agents will help you to expand your geographic reach. Your best sales producers are able to use the phone, email, text and online chat to see policies. When you buy leads for these producers, they should be leads from all over the state(s) your agency covers. Your best producers know how to sell and if the consumer is next door or on the other side of the country, your top producer will be equally successful.
  5. First impressions are important when selling insurance. The best insurance producers know how to make a good first impression with consumers looking to buy insurance. You should buy your best producers insurance calls because they are able to close the sale with just about anyone. The more calls you buy your best producers, the more insurance policies they will write.
  6. Top insurance producers will go to where they are getting the best support.  The best top-producing insurance agencies have learned that it is critical to spend marketing dollars to support their top producers. Buying your best insurance producers leads will help your agents sell more policies, make more money and stay with you. If you are not buying them leads, they will go work for an agency that will.
  7. Buying leads for your top producers will be an incentive for low producers to improve their performance. If your producers know that you are only buying insurance leads for your top producers, they will work harder and sell more policies so that you will buy them insurance leads.