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Agent Advice

Leadership Skills Necessary To Grow an Insurance Agency

There are several things you need to do to grow an insurance agency efficiently, and it’s most important to hone your leadership skills. See how.

Agent Advice

7 Steps To Getting an Insurance Agent License

If you’re looking to become an insurance agent or producer, the great news is that it only takes a few weeks to get licensed. Follow our 7 easy steps.

Agent Advice

How the Best Insurance Agents Cope With Rejections

What separates a great insurance agent from a good one is how they handle rejection, often turning poison into medicine. See how they do it.

Agent Advice

The 4 Best CRMs for Insurance Agents

An insurance agent's tasks require organization, which is why most growing agencies use a customer relationship management system (CRM). Let us show you the best.

Agent Advice

20 of the Best Auto Insurance Carriers for Independent Agents

Learn about the top 20 auto insurers and insurance companies that work with independent agents.

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Best Auto-dialers for Insurance Agents

An automatic telephone dialing system (ATDS) is a device that can save or produce random or sequentially generated phone numbers and dial them. See which are best.

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How People Buy Health Insurance and How To Sell More Policies

Organic leads, generated from informative articles on our website, can help you on your search to meet new people. See how to sell more policies.

Agent Advice

Insurance Agent Sales: Humanizing Digital Marketing

Begin to leverage all the things people commonly like in an insurance agent. Technology doesn't have to be a hurdle

Agent Advice

How To Be a Successful Insurance Agent

There is one thing all successful insurance agents have in common: they are fully engaged with the customers they meet.

Agent Advice

How to Become an Insurance Agent

The hardest part of becoming an insurance agent is motivating yourself to go for it. It only takes a few weeks to acquire a license.

Agent Success Stories

Agent Success

Success Story: William Mobley of State Farm

"When someone reached out from SmartFinancial, I listened and began testing the waters," says Mobley. See how he's made it work.

Agent Success

Success Story: Trey Clarkson of State Farm

"When a top State Farm agent recommended SmartFinancial, I said, ‘Shoot, if that’s what she’s doing, that’s what I want to do.’”

Agent Success

Success Story: Charline Espinoza of State Farm

“We came to SmartFinancial to do something a little different than what some of the other State Farm agents were doing,” says Charline. See why it worked.

Agent Success

Success Story: Jon Aprile of State Farm

"A teammate suggested calling SmartFinancial, so I decided to give it a try. Instantly, I knew the quality of the SmartFinancial leads was better!”

Agent Success

Success Story: Chadwick Wright of Allstate Insurance

Wright’s account manager has been a huge help in writing over 50% of his new business using SmartFinancial leads. See why he's having success.

Agent Success

Success Story: Ben Martin of Anchor Financial

"When I switched to SmartFinancial, I started having tremendous success right off the bat. My CPA is $30!"

Agent Success

Success Story: Amy Burman of Allstate

A consultant referred Burman to SmartFinancial, where she was paired with an account manager who is invested in her success. See what her formula is.

Agent Success

Success Story: Kevin Crosby of Allstate

“I’m happier now with the leads we get from SmartFinancial,” Crosby says. “With data leads, you don't have to stop what you’re doing each time a call comes in, and there’s no chance of missing a call.”

Agent Success

Success Story: Trea Walters of the Herman Burroughs Allstate Agency

"We make about seven, sometimes eight, sales a week from 20 calls so it’s a really good close ratio,” says Walters. See why she's succeeding!

Agent Success

Success Story: Lindsay Bolton of Farmers Insurance

At a time when no one she knew was buying leads, Bolton joined forces with SmartFinancial whose insurance leads have been a big part of her success. See why.

Insurance Infographics


Persistence Wins: Surprising Sales Statistics for Insurance Agents (Infographic)

Did you know that 48% of salespeople never follow up with a prospect? Its true! Check out our list of surprising stats of how salespeople typically follow up with a lead.


Lead Conversion Statistics (Infographic)

Ever wonder how many times it takes to successfully reach a lead or the best time of the day to make contact? Check out our list of lead conversion statistics.


8 Surprising Customer Service Facts for Insurance Agencies (Infographic)

Things to keep in mind to help improve your customer service and keep your clients happy.


27 Creative Sales & Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents (Infographic)

Looking to grow your agency? Check out these tips to help you grow your bottom line.


10 Sales & Marketing Tips for Independent Agents (Infographic)

Check out our 10 tips specifically designed for independent agents to help them grow their business and sell more policies.


7 Ways to Grow Your Insurance Agency (Infographic)

What's the best and most cost effective way to to promote your insurance agency? Let's examine the pros and cons of each option.

Agent Testimonials

Lukas Baker

Baker Consulting Services

Joel Reikes

Farmers Insurance

Robert Giordano

Allstate Insurance

Luis Quiroz

Farmers Insurance

Matt Reichmann

Advance Insurance Inc.

Tyson Burton

Allstate Insurance

Thurman Lynch

Allstate Insurance

Justin Waring

Neighbor Insurance

Sample Leads

Check out our sample leads below. If you have questions please call us at 877.323.7750

Contact Information

Name Susan GillPhone 555-123-4567
Email susan@gmail.comType Auto Insurance
Address 123 Main Street, Unit 304, Columbus, OH 43215

Existing Coverage

Currently Insured YesCurrent Carrier Farmers
How Long 2 years 3 monthsPolicy Expires 5/1/23

Desired Coverage

Bodily Injury $100K per person / $300K per incident
Property Damage $100K
Uninsured Motorist $100K per person / $300K per incident
Under Insured Motorist $100K per person / $300K per incident
Deductibles Comprehensive $500 / Collision $500

Driver #1

Driver name Susan GillRelationship Self
License Status ActiveGender Female
Birthday 2/18/1981Marital Status Married
Occupation SalesEducation College
Credit Rating ExcellentMilitary No
Home Owner YesBankruptcy No
DUI NoSR-22 No

Vehicle #1

Year 2020Make Honda
Model CivicTrim RX
VIN SE8DE87SRCC7Use Commute to Work
Annual Miles 8,000Ownership Owned
Vehicle Zip 43215Garage Covered