SmartFinancial - Lead Return Policy

Last Revised: April 23, 2022

Leads provided to you by SmartFinancial that contain invalid information (as defined below), are unmarketable or otherwise nonconforming may, be returned, subject to the terms below as you as your exclusive remedy. If SmartFinancial accepts your return request, SmartFinancial will refund the lead price paid by you as a credit to your account balance, as described below. SmartFinancial reserves the right to conduct an independent investigation to determine the validity of the return and may approve or decline the return request in its sole and absolute discretion. In the event a return request is denied, the Agent is responsible for payment inf full to SmartFinancial for that Lead.

Once a return request is made, you must immediately stop using the lead and delete any copies of the lead in your possession or within your control. This includes a lead that has been shared or otherwise exported through a CRM or other tool. Failure to do so will result in immediate denial of your return request.

Lead Return Process

  • Lead return request can be submitted up to 10 days after delivery to agent. Agent must provide detailed explanation for return.
  • Agents with auto rebill off, must contact Account Management department for returns.
  • All lead return requests must be submitted after 7 days of receipt.

Your account will likely be credited for any of the following reasons:

  • All numbers provided are disconnected, fax, or wrong number.
  • Duplicate lead received within 30 days from SmartFinancial.
  • Contact info provided is fictitious or materially inaccurate upon your acceptance of the lead.
  • Lead received outside of your geography.
  • Lead was from another agent or person testing the system.
  • Communication barrier due to language problems.
  • Lead insured with the company the captive agent represents.
  • Lead sent in error caused by a problem with system (including filter errors).
  • The contact information is obviously incorrect ie. Mickey Mouse, asdf asdf, etc.

A return request may not be accepted for following reasons (not necessarily an exhaustive list):

  • The same lead was sent to agent by other leads source.
  • If the risk was rejected due to insurance company underwriting guidelines.
  • Lead already bought insurance from another agent or company.
  • Agent did not add in specific filter to keep out "unwanted" leads.
  • Agent did not write a policy for the lead.
  • If the lead was dishonest at any point.
  • Calls that are not picked up and go to voicemail and consumer leaves a voice message.
  • Agent was not called back by Lead even though they left messages.
  • Split zip code customers – if a call comes in from a zip code that is located in 2 or more area codes and your profile is only set to receive calls from one of the area codes your account can still be triggered to receive those calls even if the actual area code of the customer is not within your selected area codes. Example zip code 48075 is located in area codes 248 & 313. You can still expect to receive calls from 313 even if your profile only includes area code 248, but only if the caller came in from 48075.

Additional factors taken into account:

  • Leads purchased with promo credits or rewards points will not be eligible for additional credit or replacement.
  • Accounts with a high overall return request rate may be subject to an account audit for violation of the Terms of Service.
  • It is not permissible to request a cash refund for any returned lead.