27 Creative Sales & Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents (Infographic)

Fran Majidi April 11, 2023
27 Creative Sales & Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents

Looking to grow your agency? Check out these tips to help you grow your bottom line.

  1. Use SmartFinancial for leads and calls.
  2. Know your client and be alert of details.
  3. Ask clients for website links.
  4. Make sure your insurance website is mobile friendly.
  5. Look for partnerships with local businesses.
  6. Use coverage and exposure checklists to increase sales.
  7. Make friends rather than push product and price.
  8. Send handwritten thank-you cards.
  9. Measure customer sentiment with social media.
  10. Check out your state association.
  11. Work on your customer service.
  12. Never leave your client empty-handed. Give them something.
  13. Work on your website.
  14. Track your marketing efforts.
  15. Create a referral program.
  16. Believe in yourself.
  17. Work hard and see opportunity.
  18. Provide useful, engaging content on social media.
  19. Get involved with local causes.
  20. Show your customers that you care.
  21. Find out who your key clients' attorneys and CPAs are.
  22. Collect video testimonials.
  23. Go out of your way for the customer.
  24. Build community and create an ambassador program.
  25. Look into additional training and education.
  26. Be quick to respond to your clients.
  27. Listen carefully to your clients' concerns.

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27 Creative Sales & Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents