Success Story: Gina Kotek of Allstate with Live-Transfer Calls

Fran Majidi April 11, 2023
Gina Kotek Allstate Insurance

Gina Kotek has 18 years of insurance experience and manages a three-person team of producers at the Ronelle Funk Agency in Olympia, Washington. Since September, Kotek’s mission has been  to build up a clientele for this Allstate scratch agency, which is the third location for the company. She was recruited by Allstate two years ago, while she was a supervisor at a retirement home and only moonlighting as an independent agent. The Ronelle Funk Agency sells auto, home, commercial life, and disability insurance. All of Kotek’s producers use insurance leads from SmartFinancial.

“We just started up this agency and are working hard to build up new business, “ Kotek says, adding that since the end of September 2019, they’ve made $19,680 in premiums. Kotek credits SmartFinancial for many of her quick wins: She’s been receiving live transfer calls, which have been successful.

“SmartFinancial’s leads are filtered better than the competition’s,” Kotek says. “The consumer is always on the line, which we like, but they are also aware of what’s going on when we try to quote them. With other lead companies, the consumers are usually confused; often, they don’t even want a quote.”

Not only does Kotek feel the quality of SmartFinancial’s leads are stronger and better but returns are easy too.

“We’ve had to return a few bad leads, but my returns were always credited in an instant,” she says. “With other vendors I’ve had to fight them, even when the leads were obviously bogus. It’s rare to get a return accepted. Smartfinancial goes way beyond their competitors.”

Tips for Agents, from Gina Kotek of Allstate

Use a 7-day Quote Follow-up Plan

Consumers are getting quotes from multiple companies, so it’s important to follow up. I train all my producers to follow up every day for 7 days. If you don’t make the sale, set an x-date reminder to call again at renewal.

Value the Consumer’s Time, but Follow Up!

Thank the consumer for taking the time after you quote them. If you don’t make the sale in that phone call, ask them when you can call back to follow up. Don’t just call back without knowing what time works best for them. This is a lead you paid for, and you’re at least 60% more likely to make the sale if you follow up so make sure they are available when you do.

Set X-Dates

We’ve made $203,877 in x-date follow ups! If you’re not following up at renewal time, you’re turning away business. When you call, remind the consumer that they wanted you to call back at renewal time. That consumer may be ready to switch now, even if they didn’t buy when you quoted them six months earlier. Just keep trying. You paid for this lead, so use it fully!