The 4 Best CRMs for Insurance Agents

Fran Majidi September 1, 2022
Best customer relationship management system (CRMs) for Insurance Agents

Insurance agents have to juggle customer retention while growing their book of business. Doing both tasks efficiently requires organization, which is why most growing agencies use a customer relationship management system (CRM)

Lead management, task management and marketing management can all fall under one roof with the right CRM. Keeping track of past conversations, having a place to jot down important notes and accessing ways to create marketing strategies based on what types of channels your customers prefer are other important tasks a CRM can accomplish with ease.

Knowing when and how to contact existing customers will help you keep your customers happy. Buying a CRM doesn't have to be a huge investment either. Because a CRM is a software as a solution (SaaS), all you need to do is choose the one that's best for you, and you will be billed on a subscription basis. Some CRMs, however, are pricier than others and some do bill you annually, not monthly. Here's everything you need to know before buying a CRM, as well as our top four picks for insurance agencies of all sizes.

Why Do Insurance Agents Need a CRM?

Sticky notes and spreadsheets are not as efficient as a good CRM. The bigger your agency gets, the more nightmarish the task of keeping tabs on clients will become. An overlooked renewal can lead to losses, and so will neglecting a persistent follow-up strategy with purchased leads. Not only will you waste time and money trying to keep your house in order, you'll create more work and stress trying to manage with an excel sheet. If your CRM has an auto dialer, even better: You'll have an edge over your competitors.

Lead management, task management and marketing management can all fall under one roof with the right CRM.

CRM Features You'll Need for Selling Insurance

Make sure to figure out which features will serve you best before you buy. One provider's software may offer something another software lacks, so pay attention. Here are some common CRM features that are vital to your growing insurance business:

  • Claims Management

  • Commission Tracking

  • Email Automation

  • Marketing Templates

  • Application Management

  • Quote Management

  • Policy Information Management

  • Automated Workflows (Sales)

  • Referral Marketing

Top 4 CRMs for Insurance Agents


Ricochet360 is a lightning-fast customizable all-in-one CRM that can help you automate your business processes, saving you time and money. This platform includes a dialer, a performance tracker, reporting tool, and much more!

Whether you opt for their ready-build or ultra-customized setup, Ricochet360's CRM and lead management system has premium workflows for email, SMS, and call campaigns. This tool takes all of the guesswork out of the equation allowing you to make connections faster than the competition!

With Ricochet360, you can keep tabs on all of your prospects, current clients, and vendors, plus ensure that tasks do not fall through the cracks. Their goal is to help you make the most of your day with an all-in-one platform, no matter where you are. Experience the difference Ricochet360 can make in your business!

System Pricing Information:

License Monthly Quarterly Annually
$145/month $130/month $115/month
Administrators/Office Manger
$45/month $45/month $45/month
  • $750 One-time Setup Fee  (includes: fully functional system build, training with staff, and unlimited support)

  • 0.2 Cents Per Text/SMS (optional)

  • $3 Per Additional Local Phone Number, Per Month (optional- every seat purchased includes its own phone line)

  • $5 Per Toll-Free Number, Per Month (optional)

*Billing cycle is monthly for every subscription period

Highlighted System Features:

  • RicochetCRM

  • Cloud Phone System

  • Click-to-Call Dialing

  • Unlimited Inbound Calls

  • Unlimited Outbound Calls

  • Progressive Dialer

  • Preview Dialing

  • Lead Management System

  • Call Recording & Call Monitoring

  • Local Caller ID

  • Lead Distribution & Tags

  • Perfect Voicemail

  • Ringless Voicemail **

  • Email Messaging

  • Text Messaging

  • Drip Automation

  • Direct Mail Management

  • Chat & Instant Messaging

  • Social Media Integration

  • Referral Tracking

  • DNC Scrubbing

  • Gamification

  • Open API

  • IP Restrictions

  • Webhooks


You can automate and simplify your work flow and analyze data for better decision-making. This CRM aims to bridge the gap between lead nurturing and closing a deal, making it easy to go from text to call to email with just a click of the mouse. You can launch marketing campaigns, import leads and monitor your lead vendor success rate to see who you should be working with more and who to avoid buying leads from.

The best part of Ringy is its user-friendly dashboard, which makes it easy to reach more prospects with more impact. Ringy CRM puts you in position to be first contact with every piece of data that goes through the platform with an initial message that is personalized to every contact that comes through the platform within milliseconds, including SMS contact, making it a very capable sales engagement tool.

Open API capabilities make it seamless to integrate with your vendor. Ringy also offers advanced calling features:

  • prorgressive dialer

  • call transferring

  • smart local ID (increases contact rates)

  • digital voicemail box

  • a personalized booking page with custom URL to share on social media, emails, or text

  • a proprietary video meeting/screen sharing software built into the platform – no downloads or extensions needed – at no additional cost.

This CRM was designed based on feedback from insurance agents ensuring it has all the bells and whistles needed to perform at the highest of levels with minimal efforts creating essentially a virtual assistant in your back pocket.

Ringy CRM offers a 2 week free trial, free custom onboarding with our customer success team to ensure success from the start, no contracts or user agreements. After free trial, just $99 a month + Usage.

+ Cost of Credit Packages

  • Free Inbound SMS and Calls
  • Free Unlimited Video Meetings
  • $1 Local Phone Number / Month
  • $0.01 / Outbound Text Message
  • $0.01 / Min Outbound Calls
  • $0.01 / Email
  • 1000 Minutes / 1000 Text Every Month Included for Outbound Usage
  • Any Unused Minutes or Text Rollover Into The Following Subscription Month.

Make sure to figure out which features will serve you best before you buy a CRM.


The largest and most expensive of the CRMs on our list, Salesforce is part of a greater financial services package and runs between $150 to $300 a month (billed annually!), despite the abundance of self-service tools for users and easy-to-use, click-and-drag automation. The hefty price tag is due in large part to the marketing and sales tools that SalesForce puts at your disposal. Managing leads has never been easier: SalesForce can turn a smartphone into an office and help you log calls, respond to hot leads right away, no matter where you are Not only can you keep track of customers and your activity history, you can also gain insights on Twitter, Facebook and other channels while tracking your social media marketing campaigns. Larger agencies may consider using SalesForce to improve customer-agent relations, but at the end of the day, a more affordable CRM software may be more price-appropriate for a smaller agency.

Agency Zoom

If you're looking for an industry-specific CRM solution built by insurance agencies for insurance agencies, AgencyZoom, powered by Vertafore, provides a simple, intuitive platform to grow and service your book of business. This employee enablement solution meets agencies' modern needs to create more efficient processes, automate workflows, empower employees, and better serve their clients. You can even take your agency on the go with their iOS and Android mobile app!

The insurance tech industry is often chaotic and antiquated, leading to a fragmented process and client experience. AgencyZoom provides the tools needed to drive sales growth and client retention. A few feature highlights:

  • Lead Automation: Create customized pipelines and sales workflows to make tracking leads a breeze and trigger automation as you drag leads down the pipeline.

  • Lifecycle Automation: Keep in contact with each customer from day one through renewal by utilizing their lifecycle automation tool, which automates the entire client journey from prospecting to onboarding to renewals to improve efficiency and increase production.

  • Dashboards and Reports: Goal dashboards and customizable activity reports help manage your goals, track productivity, and provide additional transparency to keep your agency and team motivated and performing at their best.

AgencyZoom was acquired by Vertafore last November. Since then, AgencyZoom has been committed to utilizing the additional resources to improve the client and agent experience and drive agency efficiency!

If you schedule a demo, you can take advantage of their free 14-day trial to see how AgencyZoom's platform can cater to your specific needs. Their three-tiered pricing system is billed monthly with an option to be billed annually for a 10% discount.

Independent & Farmers Agents

Allstate Agents

Essential: $99/month

  • For agencies who are just getting started and are laser-focused on acquiring new business.

Growth: $159/month

  • For agencies who have renewals and retention work that is a distraction from growing and servicing their customers.

Pro: $249/month

  • For agencies who have enough service work that it can be optimized between CSRs.

Multiple Location Agency:


Single Location Agency:


Feeding Your CRM the Best Insurance Leads

Once you've found the CRM that works best for your agency, contact SmartFinancial to create a pipeline of fresh prospects. For quality exclusive or shared leads and live transfer-calls, we're here to help you grow. Call us to start selling more policies than ever before: 877.323.7750