Email Marketing for Insurance Agents

Fran Majidi April 11, 2023
email marketing for insurance agents

What’s the easiest way to close an insurance sale? You’re probably thinking referrals from existing clients, right? That’s why it’s important to think about using email marketing when giving your existing policyholders incentive to bring new business to you. Make it as easy as possible for your customer base to tell their friends and relatives about you without making much of an effort at all. Also, make sure to cover a broad enough territory to have an effective ripple effect with referrals.

Often, agents underutilized valuable leads. Whether they are organic or bought, once you have prospects’ email addresses, they should be added to your continuously growing email-marketing list. Solid content in emails not only travels but your prospects that didn’t initially work out may eventually be turned around!

Here are some ways to make email marketing work for you.

First, Buy Leads to Grow Your Base

The fact of the matter is that when you’re focusing on getting referrals, you’re looking at referrals you can get from those referrals and so on. The ripple effect is great, as long as you plot out clients far enough apart. Otherwise, you’re eventually going to cap out in a designated territory. What you need to do, either from the onset or down the road, is to expand your territory so you are always branching out of your network of policyholders for more referrals. The easiest way to expand out of your comfort zone (the obsolete 5-mile radius most agents rely on), is to buy leads from a trusted lead generation company like SmartFinancial. Add on a new area code -- and another and another!

Can I Sell Insurance Out of State?

To do business out of state, you’ll need to have not just your resident insurance license but you’ll need to get a non-resident insurance license. As you know, laws regarding insurance coverage differ from state to state, whether you’re selling health insurance, car insurance or home insurance. You’ll need to show that you understand the laws of the new state you’re entering bypassing the insurance exam, which will likely ask questions regarding state minimums and requirements. To find out more about getting an out-of-state insurance license to grow your business, visit here.

Email Marketing to Leads

Often, agents give up after calling a lead three or four times. Not only should you be calling prospects at least 8 times (no, not in a short period of time), but bought insurance leads should also go to a designated email marketing list. If you’re not using the email addresses the lead company is sending you, you’re not fully making use of what you paid for. This is why these leads are not considered “bad leads” from any source you buy them from, even when they don’t pick up the phone. Why? Because leads that do not bite right away often turn into a sale two, maybe three months down the line if you’re persistent. No one ever said it would be easy--or fast!

What Should I Be Emailing Prospects?

Whatever it is you’re sending to these prospects, the last thing you should be doing is giving them a hard sell over email (especially if they told you no already). If they aren’t calling you back or if they already told you your price is too high, that’s still not the end of the story. Now is your chance to show your prospects that you are there and always ready to serve them.

Your email subject lines should be full of energy and about anything but selling insurance. Write something inspiring or amusing. You have to make a connection. No, don’t send the same old email about how your coverage is superior over others or about bundling discounts. Sometimes you have to get off topic to get people hooked.

Topics to explore should be relevant to the product you’re selling but not about the product you’re selling. For instance, if you’re selling health insurance, you may write a little bit about exercise or nutrition -- things people would read when they’re unwinding. Make a personal connection so that you’re selling more than your product but still staying on course with your agenda. Yes, add a soft sell at the end of your helpful and informative article, with a prominent link to your website where they can get a hard sell if they are in the mood. It’s really all about timing.

You may not be the carrier these prospects are with today but if you keep them engaged, you may be the agent they turn to if they become disappointed with their carrier. Why? Because you’re there at their fingertips and you’ve become a familiar presence who is on the top of their minds over other agents.

Email marketing is a long-term investment, and it’s where your bought leads’ email addresses should go, not in the trash. If this prospect went with a cheap insurance company and learned a harsh lesson, they start looking for something that costs more but carries more value when things go wrong.

How Often Should I Email Prospects?

You should email prospects whenever you are inspired to create content. With that said, more than one email every 10 days or so maybe overboard. There’s nothing less effective in building a long-term relationship than spamming. You want to be an unobtrusive presence, not a stalker. And you only want to share the best content. Don’t email just to email. And have someone proofread your work before you send or schedule your email bursts.

Email Marketing to Existing Policyholders

Have a separate email list for existing insurance customers. You’ll often use the same exact content you’re using to inspire prospects too but you’ll want to tailor messages to existing clients with referral rewards, like gift cards. What’s nice about emails is that you can email referral e-cards to help track your referral program more easily.

Automated Birthday Messages and More

You don’t have to make it cliche like birthday messages often are. If used properly, the automated birthday email is a great way to send content to prospects that have gone cold. Make these birthday wishes unique. Here, too, avoid a hard sell and make it about that person, even though it’s automated. There are gender- and age-neutral inspirational quotes that may be perfect messages to hear on a birthday.

Automated messages for the first day of spring, summer, winter, and fall are a great idea too. So are holidays and seasonal content of all sorts. You can create content about driver safety, road trip checklists and whatever else feels inspired by the season that can help you engage your prospect, even if it’s for a few minutes.

Other Great Email Marketing Tips:

  • Write exciting subject lines so you get a good click-through ratio.
  • Use your preview text to write enticing copy to ensure that they open the email.
  • Avoid writing too much and too little. A listicle is a great idea, but write a couple of sentences about each item. With that said, remember that you want to engage the reader, not send them a textbook.
  • Stay consistent. Don’t expect fast returns on this and don’t drop off the map after a month or two of emails. Give this project consistency over a longer period of time to see the results.
  • Remember that interesting emails get shared. Hopefully, you’ll be read by people outside of your email list.