Make the Most of Your Relationship with an Insurance Leads Account Manager

Fran Majidi June 13, 2019
insurance leads guide

If you’re considering buying insurance leads you may be wondering how it all works and if there will be anyone supporting you through the process. At SmartFinancial, your account manager is your go-to person. After you buy insurance leads, you will be put in touch with this person, who not only guides you in a walk-through of the dashboard you’ll be using to contact all prospects but this person will also be your advocate.

Have Your Account Manager Teach You the Ropes

You will want to have your account manager’s guidance as you learn how to use our marketing platform. The great thing about it is you can manage your insurance leads here throughout their life cycle. From this dashboard, you can email prospects and clients, schedule appointments, get referrals, create landing pages and generate reviews. Don’t worry: it’s easy and an account manager is always there if you have any confusion about it.

Be Clear on What Your Account Manager Will Refund

Yes, we wish that all your calls went smoothly and that you closed every deal but as you know, this won’t be the case. Sometimes people give incorrect information. For instance, if the numbers provided are wrong or are disconnected, you will be refunded. You should also check for duplicates, which will be credited. You are entitled to a credit if the lead was outside of your geography selection (unless it’s got split area codes and the zip code is the same as the one you chose). Sometimes, language barriers also prevent you from selling the product and you will be given a refund for this issue. Sometimes, a lead will already be insured by the company you represent as a captive agent and that lead is refundable. Generally speaking, calls under 5 minutes in duration are eligible for a return for up to 14 days after delivery. But you must explain the reason why you’re returning it so that it can be reviewed. Again, this process does not mean that you will be refunded for every lead you submit only that it is being reviewed.

What Can My Account Manager Do for Me?

Your account manager is who you turn to when you have issues, so it’s important that you are in touch regularly. This is your advocate if your return is rejected but you feel strongly about the reasons why you think there was no way to work the lead(s) you submitted. Your account manager may be able to override the initial rejection of a refund request, but there must be compelling reasons behind your request.

Your account manager will remind you that you have 14 days after receipt to return a real-time lead or live transfer call. If your auto re-bill option is turned off, customer service needs to help you with your return request. So, you basically have 7 to 14 days to return the lead and you must be prompt if you want to be refunded.

A good relationship with an account manager is dependent on you being communicative and prompt in taking action when you truly believe a lead should be refunded. If you hardly ever return leads, when that off-chance unworkable lead falls in your lap, you will be refunded without much explanation at all. This is your account manager’s way of thanking you for not taking advantage of our generous refund policy.

And an important word of caution: Don’t just pause your account and stew about leads that didn’t work out. It’s important that you call your account manager and have an honest conversation with your point-person.

All of us here at SmartFinancial is seasoned in what we do. We’ve seen how leads work, so asking questions is advised. We know what’s been working well for agents and what hasn’t. Also, there’s room to fine-tune strategies with the way you’re receiving leads. Don’t expect it to be working perfectly from the start. Instead of getting frustrated, get proactive and give your account manager a call. It truly is in their best interest that you succeed. Hey, we want the repeat business, so keep our mutual interest in mind. We are all on the same team when it comes to closing a sale.

When Will My Account Manager Reject My Refund Requests?

There are instances, too, where your request for a refund will be rejected and there isn’t much your account manager can do. For instance, if you work with other leads sources and we send you the same lead as another company. Also, if your insurance company rejects a sale you tried to close because the risk is too high, we cannot refund you for that lead. We also can’t return the lead if that lead was dishonest in the information they gave us. We just cannot be responsible for their actions. Leads are also not guaranteed, so if you don’t end up writing a policy for a particular lead, that doesn’t qualify you for a refund. The only thing we guarantee is that the lead is actively shopping for car insurance quotes and asked for quotes. Also, remember that all calls are recorded and will be reviewed more closely if you are returning an exorbitant number of leads.

If a customer has split zip codes and you receive calls that are not within your selected area codes, we are not responsible for returning them. For example zip code 48075 covers two area codes: 248 and 313. So, if a caller calls from 248 with the zip code 48075 but you only cover 313 for that zip code, we do not refund the call.

Also leads bought with promo credits or rewards points are not eligible for credit or replacement. Also if you tend to return at an unusually high rate, you may be subject to more scrutiny or even an audit for violating our Terms of Service. You also may be denied regardless of the reason. If you’re working closely with an account manager this person will be guiding you along the way so that you’re selling as much as possible and so your account doesn’t set off red flags.

What if I Miss a Live-Transfer Call?

Another common scenario that SmartFinancial does not refund is if you are scheduled for a live-transfer call but you don’t pick up the phone and the customer leaves you a voicemail. Live transfer calls have the highest close rate but you’ve got to answer the phone for that to happen! Your account manager takes the time to set up a system that works around your schedule, so if you miss a call during those designated times, you’re responsible for your loss. Also, you are responsible to pause your account. Of course, if you need assistance in doing that, your account manager will guide you through the process.

When you buy legitimate insurance leads there are rules and policies that protect the lead generation company and the agent at the same time so that all transactions are fair. Take the opportunity of working with an account manager as an opportunity to learn all the tricks to getting the most for your money. Be patient and be eager at the same time. And don’t worry, your account manager will be on your side through the whole process.