Live-Transfer Calls Are Like Dating: Here's How to Score

Fran Majidi February 14, 2023
live transfer calls

If you’re an insurance agent you’ve worked with lead generation companies in the past or will soon realize you need to, in order to stay competitive and to eat through summer and holiday slumps. If you are familiar with how ad-tech companies generate organic leads, you’re also probably familiar with the live transfer call, that magical event during which a lead is calling you for a free quote through a third party, a lead generation company like SmartFinancial. When used properly, live transfer calls yield the highest returns of any kind of lead. Follow our sage wisdom on how to score a business relationship each time you pick up one of these calls! We want you to score and score big.

Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Why are we calling live transfer calls magical, you ask? Because they immediately put the ball in your court. Think about it: It’s not much different than dating. The person doing the calling is the one showing interest and doing all the work in the beginning because they are actively seeking out the relationship. Yes, right off the bat, you’re the one in control and you’re the one the prospective insurance buyer wants to talk to because they are actively seeking out a relationship with an insurance agent. Chances are in your favor that you can close this deal.

By the time you’re speaking with the person, a live-transfer call customer has spent some time already speaking with a call center representative. Psychologically, they are already invested in buying. Time is money, and the longer most people spend on a task, the more they are liable to want to finish off with something to show for that time. You’ve got this!

Clear Communication

Even when you’re the one being wooed, you still have to play your cards right or else the interested party is going to lose interest. What would you do if the guy/gal you really liked called you? Would you:

A) act like you don’t even know who they are and what they want?

B) be super friendly and let them know that you have been paying attention?

If you answered B, you’re probably getting a date whereas with A you’re unlikely, unless that person has deep-rooted issues and is seeking a destructive scenario in which they are not seen, heard or liked. Most insurance buyers want to know that you care and will do a good job for them. People want to be acknowledged. They want to know you are on the same page.

When you get a live transfer call, it sets a negative tone if you pick up and say you're usual, “Hi, this is Bob from SkyHigh Insurance. How can I help you?”

Would you say, “How can I help you?” or “What can I do for you?” if the guy/gal of your dreams called? No.

There should be a smoother, more seamless transition so that the time the caller spent getting pre-screened with one of SmartFinancial's reps seems related to you. You also don’t want to make it appear as if you have no relationship with SmartFinancial because then that feels like a blind date from an untrustworthy source. Would you go on a blind date with someone without a friend or family member arranging it? This caller has called you because they trust SmartFinancial with their personal information. Don’t break that trust by seeming like you had nothing to do with the time they have already invested in the insurance you’d really, really like to sell.

How to Reciprocate and Win

The ideal response to a romantic interest calling is not just friendliness but attentiveness. You want to feel like that person is happy to hear from you so you can move the conversation forward. Imagine if (s)he didn’t even know who you were (gasp!)? It would be more than awkward, right?

It’s awkward for a caller who spent at least 5 to 10 minutes going over their personal information to suddenly be met with unfamiliarity. When you answer with your usual greeting, it feels like the call got bounced at random. It reeks of wasted time. Sure, you can try to smooth it over a few minutes into the call but the first impression going forward will be laced with frustration.

When you answer a live transfer call, it’s best to make the client feel like you’re very well aware of the experience they had just moments before you picked up the phone (even though you aren't very much). It’s better if you say, “Hi, this is Bob, I’m here to help you with a quote.” “ or “Hi this is Bob, and I’ll be helping you with a quote today.” Mentioning that you are ready to do what they need leaves a great impression.

Prepare Everyone

If the girl/guy of your dreams called, you’d probably move the conversation towards a date, right? Every second would count in reciprocating interest to avoid blowing it. You’d probably alert roommates about the possibility of that special someone calling the landline to avoid making her/him hold for very long. You’d ask that they take down proper messages in case (s)he called after you stepped out too, and you’d make sure your roommates carefully took down the name at the very least.

You’d do the same with insurance. Always train your entire staff to be ready for the live transfer call. Ideally, however, you’ll have these calls set for a time when you know you’re at your desk. These numbers also always come in from the sender same number from SmartFinancial, so it’s best that everyone in your office checks their caller ID.

Hopefully, you’ll be logged into your SmartFinancial dashboard when these calls come in so all you have to do is give the information a quick scan.

The 2 Types of Calls

  1. In your dashboard you may see the caller displayed as “mobile caller” only. You are given only a number and no name. When you pick this one up, just say, “Hi, this is Bob, I’m here to help you with a free quote. May I have your name?” Write down the name right away.
  2. You may get a lead with the name and phone number. This one makes it even easier to say, “Hello Liz, it’s Bob from SkyHigh Insurance. Are you ready for some quotes?”

The reason names and numbers matter is that you’ll need to pursue some of these calls. You don’t need to be told twice that some clients need some nurturing after an initial call. Don’t ignore the prospects who doesn’t buy right away. Follow up at least a handful of times to see how their comparison shopping is going. Your attentiveness and persistence may win them over in the end.

What if The Call Gets Dropped?

Call back immediately, apologize for the call dropping and enthusiastically tell that client that you’re ready to help him/her with a quote. You’d call back the prospective date too, wouldn’t you?

The Call

Most auto insurance shoppers are looking for a lower rate. We don’t have to tell you how to pitch your sale, but we can tell you that rates are competitive. If you have a particularly high rate, you’ll have to justify it with a very discriminating caller who is looking to save money on their insurance product, whatever it may be.

If you’re an independent agent, we suggest you give the caller a few quotes so they feel like they have broad options.

We wish you all the luck in the world with each live transfer call. All you have to do is work your charm to score on these highly profitable leads. We’d love to get you started: 877.323.7750