The Ultimate Guide to Insurance Marketing

Fran Majidi January 1, 2023
ultimate guide to insurance marketing 2019

As an insurance agent, generating new leads is a crucial part of running your business. It’s also a task that never ends. Sometimes, finding new ways to meet people can seem like an overwhelming task, especially when you’re first starting out. What all the steps in the following pages have in common is that they will help you grow your business by making you as visible as possible to potential clients. We also encourage you to treat each client and each lead as the source of multiple sales and multiple new leads, not just one sale.

Not only is it possible to attract new clients for free organically and locally, but you can also throw a wider net by using paid advertising and by buying leads. Whether you have a large marketing team or you are your only representative, our white papers can get you organized and on your way to creating a successful book of new clients.


  1. Play on Pandora: Millennials are less enthusiastic about radio and radio ads, which explains why Spotify and Pandora are usurping all the glory from radio. Both have paid options for an ad-free experience. However, you can get competitive ads for their basic options which air spot ads.
  2. Advertise in Newspapers: While the number of adults who read newspapers is dwindling, advertising rates are not. They still tend to be high, unless you publish your ads in local or smaller niche publications. Otherwise, you’re likely to pay top dollar if you want your ad to appear in, say, The New York Times. Before you assume that what’s most expensive is most profitable, ask yourself why you’re not seeing very many insurance agents advertising in the big papers. Remember that a full page ad in the NYT costs $150,000!
  3. Advertise in Magazines: The more playful cousin of newspapers is the magazine, which has more options (color ads versus black and white) to fully utilize your branding. However, ad rates are still high for publications that are relevant to the Insurance Industry. Remember too that most magazines have a digital counterpart so consider that option, which may cost a bit less.
  4. Buy Advertorials: These kinds of ads are the traditional counterpart to native advertisements, which appear in widgets or within the table of contents of the parent website. Some magazines and newspapers have pages allotted to advertorials, which are a hybrid of ads and editorial. Everyone wants a mention in a professionally written editorial, which can bring in far more leads than an advertisement, so advertorials were created to attract the less discriminating reader, who will read an article you’ve created to boost your sales, assuming that it was written by a neutral writer.


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